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Flower water

Flower water

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The product you must have with you at all times! Tonic with flower distillation that can be applied after cleansing or during the day. It is especially a must product during the summer and all year round! It is recommended to choose based on the scent that speaks to you the most, as the benefits remain similar.

Neroli orange blossom: suitable for dry and sensitive skin, softening, soothing for dry skin, healthy-looking effect.

Eucalyptus : toning, invigorating, purifying, astringent, healthy-looking effect.

Rose : suitable for dry and sensitive skin, toning, invigorating, healthy-looking effect.

Lavender: combination skin, oily skin, purifying and astringent, healthy-looking effect.

Always test in the corner of your elbow before using it on your face.

We reuse the same label for all formats.

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