La Natura Casa was born from a desire to make a difference: to offer high quality care and products where every detail and every ingredient is well thought out.

At 17 I lost my mother to cancer, I also lost my bearings in aesthetics and skin care... having never had perfect skin and with several imperfections my mother helped me and advised me .

At that time, I would have liked to find a place that would have met my needs to feel accompanied, guided, pampered... Today, I am proud to say that I offer everything I would have liked to find more than 8 years ago!

Some questions for Kalyane, the founder

How would you describe La Natura Casa to someone who doesn’t know the company?

La Natura Casa is a physical store in Saint-Jérôme where we have a large inventory of natural products and where we offer professional aesthetic treatments that stand out enormously. It is also an online store that is very busy. Finally, we have also developed our own range of natural cosmetics.

Why “La Natura Casa”?

This name of Spanish origin means “the house of nature”, because we want to offer you a friendly and unique experience: coming for a treatment at La Natura Casa is like feeling at your second home. We advocate the benefits of nature at all times.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My parents! It may be cliché, but I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My mother has always been involved in the field of aesthetics: micropigmentation, makeup specialist, skincare teacher and so on. My father, for his part, is a go-getter, a hard worker and an inspiring man. They sowed this seed in me and the flower came to life on August 15, 2018.

Why natural products?

The skin is the largest organ in our body. We often seem to forget it, but everything we apply enters our system. It is therefore essential to ensure that we use quality products and by quality I mean natural, because there is nothing better than the benefits of nature for radiant skin.

Your favorite phrase?

" Everything happens for a reason. » It's really my way of seeing life. I apply this reasoning to every event that comes my way. Everything has a reason for being, but it is up to us to learn a lesson from it.