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La Natura Casa

Anti-A Serum

Anti-A Serum

For mature skin, where the skin's natural repair process is impaired or dull. Our Anti-A Serum is an oil based on numerous plants that helps to: regulate sebum production, counter the premature effects of aging and improve the regeneration of skin cells. It is antioxidant, regenerating and restorative. This oil is ideal for aging, dull, dehydrated and weakened skin. It is recommended in combination with Anti-A Cream for complete hydration.


Base: Jojoba oil, borage oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, pumpkin seed oil, sea buckthorn oil

Flowers: rose petals, red clover, plantain, dandelion root, nettle leaves, horsetail, pine and fir needles, chamomile flowers, yarrow, oat flowers, burdock root, marigold flowers, flowers knapweed, lavender flowers, wintergreen, sweet clover.

Active: marshmallow, strawberry seeds, essential oils of rosewood and ylang-ylang, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E.

Skin type: Mature and dull skin looking for radiance and skin regeneration.

To combine with one of these creams: Anti-A Cream and Regenerating Cream

Some recommendations to complete your routine: Milky Cleanser , Exfoliating Mask and Floral Tonic.

Use: Apply a small amount of product (about 5 cents) to the entire face and massage with your hands to penetrate the oil into the face.

Precaution: Do not ingest and do not get in eyes.

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