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La Natura Casa

Tea tree potion (astringent essence)

Tea tree potion (astringent essence)

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Blends of astringent floral waters to purify the skin.

Tea Tree Floral Water: purifies and brings radiance to the skin, for clean, healthy-looking skin.

Calendula floral water: soothes itching and redness linked to dry skin. Brings softness and suppleness to the skin.

Rosemary floral water: tones and purifies the skin.

Chamomile floral water: brings softness to the skin, soothes dry skin.

Use: Shake the bottle and wash your hands before use. After cleansing, pour a drop onto a cotton swab and apply to the targeted area. Can be reapplied several times a day or as needed to affected areas.


Precaution: Do not ingest and do not get in eyes.

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