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Spirit Stones

Spirit Stones

Moldavite (0.7 grams):  The moldavite stone is said to influence the subconscious, releasing unconscious blockages that obstruct fulfillment . Certain clairvoyant gifts are also stimulated. This stone, of great power, opens and activates all the chakras. It allows us to optimize good energies and limit the toxicities around us.

Rose quartz (heart): The Rose Quartz stone is the heart stone par excellence. Its energy and properties make it one of the most used stones in lithotherapy. It allows, thanks to its gentle and soothing energy, to find ourselves after a day where tensions and stress have impacted us. It represents love and friendship.

Azurite (raw): Bright purple stone that detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system, improves concentration, sharpens curiosity, leads to spiritual awakening and broadens open-mindedness.

Ruby zoisite: Ruby on zoisite is a remarkable green stone with sublime crystallized ruby ​​inclusions. Ruby-zoisite therefore mixes the virtues of these two stones and harmonizes them. It is a symbol of balance, protection and success. Sometimes called anyolite, this mysterious stone has powerful spiritual as well as physical benefits.

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