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Mélanie Hotte

The girl who flirts with the other world (book)

The girl who flirts with the other world (book)

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It's now been almost 10 years since Mélanie swapped her suit and high heels for jeans and bare feet. Beyond flirting with the realm of spirits, she practices and teaches yoga and meditation in order to support people in their quests for well-being and a better life.

“I believe everyone has the ability to communicate with life, the universe and their loved ones. This is why the book offers meditation, breathing, visualization and ritual exercises that will allow moments of connection for readers.”

Mélanie Hotte teaches yoga and meditation. In addition to her private practice, she leads workshops and retreats on connection to self, life and the afterlife. This author and blogger is driven by this strong desire to share rich and inspiring stories. Without forgetting, she is a lover and a mother blessed with a charming boy and a magnificent little girl.

It is thanks to this extraordinary woman that I have the chance to speak with my loving mother. This book, but especially this human... it's my greatest discovery of my life. - Kalyane

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