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Cool Globes

Cool Globes

Cool Globes also known as Ice Globes are small metal balls with a handle. Inside there is a liquid that ensures constant freshness.

This new product reduces irritation and deflates the face. Although facial puffiness and irritation can be caused by many factors, a quick fix is ​​to apply cold tools to reduce overall inflammation. Useful for boosting facial blood circulation and even combating the appearance of spots. They are refreshing and soothing for the skin, benefit from their benefits by gently massaging the face and neck.

It is a new aesthetic tool that can be used morning and evening for a more alert face. It promotes lymphatic drainage. Facial massage in general promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation, so using tools such as ice globes can optimize your massage techniques.

You will see a remarkable difference in the bags under the eyes and small facial creases! Use after applying your favorite serum! Bonus: let it cool for a few minutes in the refrigerator for even more pleasant freshness!

Comes as a duo with the small storage box.

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