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Beauty capsule (no age) Fourfeels

Beauty capsule (no age) Fourfeels

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Natural antioxidant formula to help support collagen, hydration, skin tone, hair and nail wellness.
Youth has no age and it's up to you to keep it. This adaptogen powerhouse is your daily beauty food source: beta-carotene, ascorbic acid, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, beta-d-glucans and polysaccharides to improve the skin barrier, help protect against sun damage, protect against dull hair and bristly nails.- Vitamin A for soft skin and healthy hair

60 capsules per jar.

Active ingredients:
- Vitamin C from acerola and amla to stimulate collagen production, strengthen your nails and prevent fine lines and wrinkles
- Vitamin E to prevent damage to skin, hair and nail cells
- Tremella beauty mushroom for collagen protection and cellular hydration
- Sea buckthorn to promote clear, calm skin and combat dryness

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