Coup de pouce 12/23

Help 12/23

Recent mentions in Coup de Pouce magazine

  • A wellness destination in the Laurentians

La Natura Casa is both a skincare brand and a beauty institute. When we got there, we were a little surprised by the choice of location: the industrial zone of Saint-Jérôme. However, we were reassured when we entered... The decor is pretty, warm and soothing. We had the chance to try two luxurious treatments: the Thao facial treatment and the hair treatment. Thanks to the beautician's skill, we were in seventh heaven and our skin became luminous, hydrated and magnified!

  • Two weeks in advance

We pamper ourselves with cocoon treatments. “A good routine at home with targeted products helps maintain the results of professional treatments carried out in the cabin,” emphasizes beautician Marion Le Guilly, of the Montreal boutique and spa Etiket.

The best ally for making our gua sha slide: this oil full of antioxidants has a regenerating and restorative effect. Anti-A Serum, from La Natura Casa, $65, at La Natura Casa.

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