Clin d'oeil 12/23

Wink 12/23

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  • The little luxury

Before the frenzy of the holidays, treat yourself to the two treatments that have made La Natura Casa famous, a natural care brand and beauty institute in Saint-Jérôme. First, we start fresh with the THAO experience (75 min), an acronym for Tonifying, Moisturizing, Softening and Oxygenating. The skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated using microdermabrasion and extraction, then nourished and invigorated with nourishing skin care and treatments combining high frequency and light therapy.

The hair treatment (20 min), then, gives us a moment of pure relaxation. We have our hair brushed using an ultraviolet comb to soothe the scalp and limit hair loss. Finally, a head massage penetrates a nourishing treatment made with organic ingredients.

THAO Experience, $139

Hair care (optional only), $37

  • Bath scrub

This 100% natural exfoliant has two functions: to dissolve dead skin thanks to the cranberry and hibiscus powders it contains, and to hydrate our body, thanks to the grapeseed oil and vitamin E it contains. .

Bath scrub, La Natura Casa, $34

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