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Face Roller

Face Roller

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This tool made of natural stone is used to massage and relax facial tissues and muscles. In addition, it helps penetrate products (serum & cream). We frequently use the face roller during our beauty treatments!

Green: Jade is renowned for its benefits of purity and wisdom. It is linked to the heart chakra. This is why it would reduce fever and migraines, help reduce nervousness, treat dizziness and be a valuable aid in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema.

Rose: Rose Quartz is renowned for its benefits associated with the heart chakra. It acts on sensitivity, empathy, trust, peace and inner love.

Mauve: Amethyst has a purifying function. It promotes appeasement and calm. It can thus accompany a meditation session or help you get to sleep, for adults and children alike. It is also considered a stone of separation.

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