Véro Magazine 01/24

Véro Magazine 01/24

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What? Luxury hair care (La Natura Casa, $99).

The place This slightly off-the-beaten-track address - in an industrial park in Saint-Jérôme - is one of those we share with our good friends. The young owner Kalyane Poliquin has created an unpretentious space focused on original cabin treatments and natural cosmetics which are part of her in-house range.

The treatment “The objective of this treatment is to activate the blood circulation of the scalp, to hydrate and nourish it. If everyone can benefit from its benefits, people who have dandruff, an accumulation of dead cells or irritations will be able to feel real relief,” explains the owner. For an hour, the beautician takes care of our head, but also our face, our arms and our hands. “We want to awaken all the senses with various tools. This is why we use, among other things , the hairbrush, the scalp brush, the high frequency, the cold globes and the silicone brushes,” notes Kalyane.

Our Verdict This professional scalp pampering is really very pleasant. We liked the unusual use of the high-frequency device which travels through the scalp in sections, with the aim of cleansing it and stimulating hair growth. Good to know: at the very end, a creamy mask is applied to the hair. We therefore leave with the head coated with the mask, because the ideal is to leave it on for a few hours to maximize hydration.

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