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Moonday Candle

Moonday Candle

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Candle and mist

Moonday soy wax and essential oil candles! They are handmade in Montreal.

Fragrances: Maple paradise (sweet) / Sweet spring (lilac, jasmine) Good morning (frootloops), Apple Picking (fresh), Rain Harvest (natural), Boyfriend sweater, Arctic breeze (eucalyptus & lavender), Passion cocooning (floral), Cedarwood Sage (sage, eucalyptus), This was a mistake (sweet coconut, honey), I love me/you (champagne), Fruit market (raspberry and peach), Flower market (magnolias, lilac, jasmine)


•Be sure to always cut the wick before each use 1 cm from the wax.
•Light your candle for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 consecutive hours.
•It is important to always be present when it burns.
•Avoid drafts and places with pets and/or children.
•Stop using the candle 1/4'' from the bottom.

Massage candle:

The perfect mix between a candle and a massage oil to set the mood. Made with mango butter and vitamin E, this luxurious candle will leave your skin hydrated for a moment of softness. Use it to soothe your body and mind, or let someone do it for you, it's even better! You really need a break ;)


Once melted, the wax will be a little warmer than body temperature, providing a relaxing and hydrating effect thanks to vitamin E. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Soy wax, Mango butter, Fragrance, Vitamin E.

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